Elven druid


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Cern is a young elven male that presents all the features generally found within his kin. He is 5’10, has long blond hair and deep blue eyes. His really pale skin reminds of the snowy mountain tops that can be found south of E’thania. The elve’s face has typical elven traits such as a thin pointy nose, great big eyes, a thin mouth and pointy ears.

The druid isn’t the tallest of the elves, but he is average height and slim. His clothes are always worn out and he never lets go of his green cloak. At first sight, one would think that he is a ranger rather than a druid.


Character biography

Cern was brought up in the town of Grandzam, lost in the mountainous southern region of E’thania. He had been found by traveler in the mountainous and given to a couple Grandzamers so they would take care of him like their own son. The travellers that found him told the parents that he had been found next to a dead wolf that the boy had apparently killed himself.

Gregor, a retired human adventurer and Nalyia, an halfling woman of rare beauty, raised him and provided him with all the opportunities he would’ve never had, had he died in the mountains if he had not been found. The couple lived a life of hardship, both working as artisans, but still managed to provide for their only child. More over, since the couple had no other child, the were able to offer great opportunities to their son and made him study at Grandzam’s academy. There, Esper, and old elven wizard and his mentor, thought him the basis of science and magic, allowing the gifted child to master his magical powers.

While he was in his adolescence, Cern got lost into the wilderness when a group of merchants he was traveling with in order to get supplies for the academy got attacked by a group of Kith’Jara bandits. Even if he managed to run away, his worries were far from over. Now, the elf was lost in the mountains and was forced to survive by himself. Still, the young elf survived and even thrived in the rocky hills, developing his divine magic skills and his love for nature. That is where he truly became a druid.

A couple of decades later, when he stumbled upon a group of merchants that were heading to Grandzam, Cern followed them. He had become a young man and found his parents again. The city had changed a lot and a group of bandits had settled in town to exploit local merchants and artisans. The druid couldn’t cope with the fact that his people were exploited and stole from the bandits to help the local craftsmen and merchants.

This went on for a couple of years until the bandit chief found out that the elf had been stealing from him. Cern’s head was put to price and he had no other choice but to flee. Thus that’s what he did…

Character roll:
-Hometown: Grandzam (moutains – Highlander trait)
-Orphan (both parents are dead – Orphan trait)
-Raised by civilized humanoids (Race trait from the race that raised me (halfing and halflings) – human or halfing traits)
-No siblings
-Adopted by middle class family (artisan and merchant social traits)
-Parents were artisans (i choose)
-First kill as a child (killer combat trait, innocent blood feat)
-Got lost in the wilderness and was forced to survive alone (resilient combat trait)
-Academic mentor (mathematical prodegy trait)
-Minor theft (stole minor items from a scoundrell motivated by justice)
-Feel no guilt (5 to spend on alignment)


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