Geographical Locations

Azure Thicket

Small forest north of the Azure lake

The Dark Wood

Large forest that supports some of the lands largest trees

Varden Wood

Northern forest sheltered by the blackened Varde Lake

Seaside Grove

Small thicket of trees north of Danac

The Wilds

Wild forrest land north of Agil, rumoured home to the elves.

Southern Reach

Large Mountains to the south of E’thania

The Spine

Narrow mountains that drive north along the seaside cliffs

Tolbana Plains

Large stretch of open ground and farmland

The Gorgan Sea

Inland sea that ties E’thania to the rest of the world.

Teviot River

Large fast running river that feeds fresh water to Tolbana and many of the southern settlements.

River Varde

Northern River that feeds water from the spine into lake Algade

Varde Lake

Massive lake backed onto Varden Wood, its waters appear dark blue or black from the distance.

Lake Alglade

Neighbouring body of water to the town Algade.

Hidden Lake

Lake nestled into the Southern Reach

Loch Azure

Minerals from the Reaches glacier fields cause the water here to be an azure colour.

Granzam Falls

A large waterfall that falls from the Souther reach.

The Badlands

Desolate hilly terrain filled filled with roaming monsters and wild creatures.

The Hills of Legrue

Southern hills surrounding Legrue

Geographical Locations

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