Here stands the written works of Ewix Malafor, sage of the first order. In these texts you shall find the translated history of the land we know as E’thania, from documents over eight centuries old.

Like most great kingdoms this land was forged in a sea of blood. Little is written of the histories before the Gorgan empire had worked its designs on the coast of this land, only that in its discovery tribes of animal like humanoids were found living in packs and herds, untrained and uncivilized.

These tribes were tested and trained like the animals they were, The wolf-like Lumaire proved loyal watchdogs served best as guards to the Gorgans. While the great cats Kith’jara and the lizard like Gethia were ample soldiers. The rodent race of Skeve, were used as house slaves and cutthroats. The large oxen humanoids, the Bavaire were used for common work slaves.

The tribes Resisted at first, but when faced with the hard steel of the Gorgan empire they were quickly domesticated. Through the broken backs of the Bavaire the Gorgan empire built many keeps across E’thania now forgotten, but the Great wall of Tolbana still stands tall as a testament to a time when thousands were put to the whip to build the capital city. This Era is known as the darktimes.

The exact reason for the fall of the Gorgan Empire was never recorded, only that over two hundred years ago the Bavaire became enraged and started to fight back. The large Ox humanoids numbered far greater in those days, far outweighing the other races. Many Slaves were put to death, and mass executions took place within the very city walls.

The act of sending in the Lumaire gaurds and Gethia armies in to quell the uprising had its own negative effect on the empire, for they enraged the Kith’jara. The Great cat tribes united under the struggles of their lesser bestial races. Now trained in the arts of the sword they quickly turned the battle tactics of the Gorgans against them. When the other slaves saw the Kith’jara unite they in turn began turning against their masters.

The civil war lasted only three years before every last Gorgan was sent back to the sea. The Lumaire tell tales of how the sea had turned red for an entire moon before the blood of the Gorgans finally washed away. A tale I presume to be highly exaggerated.

The Kith’jara General, Jakrai Hellblade, took the throne after the rebellion and began reconditioning the other races to work united in a form of government. Jakrai’s military training found the land subject to a harsh rule with strict laws quite similar to the Gorgan’s. The people were free from slavery but still felt oppressed.

Jakrai found himself assassinated by an agent of the people after forty years of his reign. The dagger belong to that of a Skeeve, rumored to be hired by a Lumaire. Other documents suggest that Jakrai was in fact murdered by a mistress who sought to end many of the Gorgan’s laws with his death. What ever the truth was, the monarchy had no official heir, and the people looked to the appointed senate to find a new king.

The second King of E’thania was founded by tournament, and tempered by a public forum whom would help advise the king in manner of state. This is where Mojan Aknar took rule and began the second line of kings. Mojan, or more commonly known as Mojan the Noble was a great follower of Far’jara. He established the Golden Claws, a band of knights who would not only police the capital but also protect its citizens against the return of the Gorgans. The Gorgans atempted invasion multiple times, before their empire finally fell to ruin. Now late in his years, Mojan sought to expand his name and sired three children, Fargoul, R’kar, and a daughter Kaarra. The eldest, Fargoul took the throne after Mojan died of old age.

Fargoul the Wise as he is now known, opened trade by sea to the surrounding nations. This created a flood of non-beastial settlers into E’thania. Fargoul was tasked with the overwhelming task of undoing many of the hardships placed on E’thania from savage war and slavery while maintaining diplomatic relations across the sea. Despite his efforts, patrols only managed to cover the main road from Tolbana to Algade, the smaller settlements would require local militia to protect themselves from bandits and the wild creatures.

With the kingdom finally in a place of stability a new profession has began to rise in E’thania, Adventurers. Men and Women of all races seeking to make their fortune through acts of heroics or searching out the old ruins of the Gorgan Empire that litter E’thania’s landscape.


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