MVP and MEP Votes

What can I say, i enjoy peer evaluation….

Each player gets a total of 3 “Votes” every session that they can use to vote for MVP or MEP, and a total of 2 Votes can go to either category.

You cannot vote for yourself. but instead could give two votes to a single payer who impressed you, or split your votes evenly across players.

MVP/MEP Rewards.

Most Entertaining Player is given a single “Take 20” to any combative roll they make, this is not an automatic success, nor does it threaten for a critical hit. This 20 can be taken after the results of a roll have been made, and as such can be used to confirm a failed critical.

Most Valuable Player Is Given a single “Take 20" to any social roll, or Entertainment Roll they make. The GM, may state in combat, that you could use that take 20 to actually hit with a critical miss, or may expend it for you should a fitting situation arise.

Wait, is that not a little backwards? I thought MVP was generally given to players who excel in combat, and MEP players who excel in social situations.

The idea is that Players who do well in entertainment aspects are given a chance to do well in combat, and vise-versa

MVP/MEP Rewards must be used in the following session or they will be lost.

Ties will result in no reward given, as no players “stood out”

MVP and MEP Votes

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