Amala (pronouced Ah-mal-a)

Represents the rebirth of the world after the long winter. With her comes the new life of spring, and often the birth of children. She is viewed as a kind beloved mother who respects ties to family above all else.


Amala has been the subject of silent prayers for all of E’thania’s recorded time, while she houses few temples, many homes offer a small shrine to her. Her priests are often midwives, and healers who aid in the deliveries of new life into the world.


Amala teaches that all life is reborn into the new, that once your soul leaves this mortal coil its energy is used to spring forth new life. As such her worshippers revel in the quite passing of old age as they believe somewhere a new life has come into being.

Many believe Amala to favour the waterways and streams that pour life into the land. As such Shrines are often found near rivers that are close to roads and towns.

Amala’s Servants

Amala’s teachings are not written in any holy script but instead are passed from tutor to pupil. Her clerics often take on one to two apprentices who are taught to aid in the birth of all races.


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