D’moulh (pronounced Dah-Moul)

Is the largest and eldest of the three Moon gods. He is seen as the god of strength as he is the only one visible during the day’s light. He is the only of the three to have earned Far’jara’s respect a prowess warrior who travels the skies in search of treasure and warriors fit for battle. D’moulh Respects strength above all else. He protects the weak if nothing else to show his own strength.


D’moulh Is revered as the God of Strength and Law. It is through his Strength that the Laws of E’thania are upheld. D’moulh and his followers fight for glory alone, they believe only in fighting those of worth, or when odds are against them.


D’moulh teaches that those with the strength to do so should protect those without. But also that every man should be responsible for their own actions. While a Knight of D’moulh will protect someone they will also look down upon that person for needing protection in the first place. City guards and upholders of laws often follow D’moulh.

D’moulh ’s Servants

D’moulh holds no temples, but often statues depicting the great warrior can be found outside of court houses and the Guard’s barracks. His followers often will worship him openly in such locations with silent prayer or through feats of strength.


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