Far’jara (pronouced Fa-Ja-Ra)

Represents the comming and going of the day’s sun. He is seen a a protector of the people of Ethania, but also as the Great hunter. Far’jara is believed to keep the darkness at bay, but during the winter months he travels into the underworld to fight back the demons there.


Farjara is believed to be one of the first true gods, and the only strong enough to keep the others in check. The great lion who stalks the sky during the day. and hunts in the underworld at night. He is prayed to by most of Ethania. Many Kith’jara believe he to be the only true god in existence.


Far’jara teaches that only through Honour and Trails by fire can one distinguish themselves from the common rabble. His worshipers pray at the rising and setting of the sun, they believe by taking up their own great hunts they can prove themselves to the sun god.

Farjara ’s Servants

Farjara holds temples in the largest of the Cities of Ethania. though it is more common of his followers to pray to him in the open plains where his glory can be witnessed for the longest. It is said many of Farjara’s servants go blind from days of staring at the sun.


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