Gielik (pronounced Gae-lik)

Gielik, more commonly known as the Slumbering god, or the Old One. He is depicted in many forms, from a giant sleeping beast to a wiry demon, but what is known is he that he feasts on the nightmares of mortals. He is seen as the creature who holds the world in slumber through the winter months.


Geilik is the a ever-shifting creature of nightmares, shadows and the blackness of winter are his allies. Many do not speak his name for fear of waking the sleeping terror into reality. Geilik is said to feast on the fears and terrors that haunt your dreams. Some even believe he is the cause of such dreams. His followers are few and far between, usually lone priests or sorcerers who wish to gain power over the sleeping mind. The are often dawned in black and grey robes with tendrils hanging to cast strange shadows in the dim light.


Gielik teaches that life is everlasting, even in death there is a world to explore. His Clerics are taught that even in the afterlife they are tied to their mortal bodies, to instil and siphon the fear of those still bound to the mortal realm. A cleric of Gielik believes that by raising the dead they are in fact reuniting its the body with its severed soul.

Gielik’s Servants

Servants of Gielik are cold and calculating people. They follow what laws that suit them breaking the ones that do not. A servant of Gielik is likely to break the laws of man under the cover of darkness rather then risk getting caught.


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