Goud (pronounced Gow-ood)

He represents the resolve of all that survive the winter. He softens the earth for new growth. A patron of farmers, Goud favours the act of cooperation over conflict, and is believed to aid farmers who help others in time of need.


Goud was once prayed to in silent prayer by slaves of E’thania who’s back breaking labour helped shape the land. To them, Goud was a symbol of the relief from an easier day’s labour. The first temple of Goud did not come into being until nearly a decade after the chains of slavery were broken. Goud now has a large following, and has been on of the fastest growing religions in E’thania.


Goud teaches that all things in life are made easier when efforts are combined, and that through sheer will even mountains will move if you work together. Her Clerics are are often found in smaller towns or where hard work is done, offering to bolster the spirits of their followers and ease their burden. Goud Clerics often can be found along side farmers and labourers helping in the daily work.

Goud’s Servants

Goud’s Temples are of simple construction often serving as meeting places for town use, or farmers markets. A temple of Goud can be found in all populated towns, often multiple temples are placed to hold all his worshippers.


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