Isialis (pronouced Is-Sial-Lis)

Is the youngest of the three moon gods of E’thania. Fast and nimble he is the God of trickery who constantly torments Far’jara with his speed and agility. Isialis is beleived to be in the wispy wind that plays tricks on young maidens. He is deceptive relying on his trickery and luck.


Isialis was the first of the three brothers to attempt to steal Far’jara’s mane to win the heart of E’thania. his story tells of a god who manages to trick and bewilder Farjara, but was unable to best the lion. It was Isialis’s trickery that enraged Far’jara into stalking the heavens.


Isialis has no temples but is worshipped by many rouges and bards across the land. A being of endless luck many pray to him in hopes some of his luck will rub off on them. His Clerics often travel in small bands across E’thania playing pranks on the locals for a time before being driven out.

Isialis’ Servants

Many of Isialis’s Servants are explorers and adventurers, seeking their fame and fortunes among the unknown. Many of his servants die young, likely due to their luck not being as great as the god they worship.


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