Kiriel (pronounced Kyr-Ri-EL)

With Kiriel comes the blossoming of summer, fruit and food are plentiful and the summer heat is at its warmest. Kiriel relishes in the spoils of yester-year’s labour knowing full well another harvest is just around the corner.


Kiriel’s Servants are often young and good looking. her presence brings forth the sireing of new children to be born in the spring. She is viewed as a beautiful woman who can shift easily between races. Her flirtatious and whimsical nature are often the bane to many who are believed to have met her as she enjoys stringing men along almost as much as she enjoys their company.


Kiriel Teaches that life should be embraced, no moment is worth living without joy. Her followers believe in living in the present, especially in the summer. Often seen as carefree, Kiriel followers often work hard to enjoy their time of rest.

Many other Religions look down on Kiriel but she is often worshipped heavily by youthful virgins looking to find their perfect mate.

Kiriel’s Servants

Kiriel’s servants vary in nature but all appreciate beauty and the ease of the long summer.
Kiriel priests and priestesses are often found in luxurious temples filled with erotic statues of their goddess. The halls glimmer with the glitter of gold, smelling of sweetened wine and meat.


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