Amala , God of Birth and Fertility

Alignment: Neutral Good Domains: Good, Resurrection, Family, Water Weapon: Quarterstaff

Goud , God of Resolve

Alignment: Chaotic Good Domains: Earth, Cooperation, Resolve Weapon: Earth Breaker

Saryan , God of Nature

Alignment: True Neutral Domains: Plant, Growth, Seasons, Animal Weapon: Spear

Kiriel , God of Pleasure

Alignment: Chaotic Good Domains: Lust, Love, Whimsy, Freedom, Revelry Weapon: Longbow

Resa , God of Harvest

Alignment: Lawful Good Domains: Community, Decay, Trade, Judgment, Friendship Weapon: Sickle

Xaxis , God of Death

Alignment: Lawful Evil Domains: Ancestors, Souls, Death, FearWeapon: Scythe

Gielik , The Slumbering God

Alignment: Neutral Evil Domains: Evil, Nightmare, Night, Void, Undead, Fate Weapon: Sap

Zabiel , God of Misery

Alignment: Chaotic Evil Domains: Storms, Loss, Murder, Torture, Corruption, Ash Weapon: Heavy Flail

Far’jara , God of the Heavens

Alignment: Lawful Good Domains: Sun, War, Ferocity, Nobility, Fire, Honor Weapon: Claws

Isialis , God of Trickery

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Domains: Trickery, Deception, Exploration, Wind, Luck Weapon: Dagger

Ya’ tou , God of Magic

Alignment: Neutral Good Domains: Magic, Stars, Knowledge, Moon, Artifice Weapon: Quarterstaff

D’moulh , God of Strength

Alignment: Lawful Neutral Domains: Strength, Travel, Protection, Law, Glory Weapon: Greataxe


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