Resa (pronounced Re-Sa)

Resa is the beloved god of harvest, with her comes the hard work for storing grain for the winter. She symbolises the decay of summer and the hard resolve that must follow to survive the winter.


Resa has been worshipped since the dawn of civilization. Her temples are scattered across the land but most frequent farming communities where her worship is strongest. Unlike other temples Resa are plain simple buildings. Her clerics often wear brown robes instead of heavy armor.


Resa Teaches that as a community if you come together even the most brutal of hardships can be made light. She encourages her followers to make friends and tight bonds in their community, but judges those who disrupt community harshly. Many minor disputes are handled through her temples, while major crimes are taken to the Temple’s of D’moulh

Resa’s Servants

Resa’s servants are humble in nature, chosen for their calm nature and wisdom. While they offer aid to those in need, they also believe that in order to survive the coming winter the people of E’thania need to take responsibility for their own. A servant of Resa would never help someone in need who was capable of helping themselves.


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