Saryan (pronounced SAR-yan)

Believed to be the power behind all of natures growth from the smallest of weeds to the largest of animals. Saryan is represented by the ever changing seasons, a cycle of life and death through nature.


Saryan is worshipped by druids and clerics alike. Many beings of the forest respect his balance between life and death, while simpler farmers worship him in hopes of a hearty crop. In E’thania’s history he has had many names, but through Kith’jara rule, the name Saryan has been adopted across all the known races.


Saryan teaches that proper balance is required of all things in life, to wary to one side or the other disrupts the natural order of things. Often during Yansa, the month of grown, farmers will take to keeping balance in their own lives, some to great extremities, in hopes of a greater harvest.

Few believers think that self deprivation will lead to future riches. Of course these actions are not encouraged by Saryan’s followers.

Saryan’s Servants

Saryan’s temples are often enclosed gardens or large groves in which his followers travel to worship him. Most clerics of Saryan keep personal gardens filled with herbs and vegetable, mushroom and root farms in the fall and winter. Of all the Religions those who answer Saryan’s call tend to be the most nomadic.


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