Xaxis (pronounced Zaks-sis)

Xaxis is the iconic God of death. He is depicted as a fallen angel wielding a darkened scythe to reap the world of life before the coming winter. With him comes the decay of fall before winter’s start.


Xaxis is the keeper of souls. He instils fear into the common folk of E’thania. It is believed that when you are ready to leave this world, Xaxis severs and collects your soul from your body. Those lucky enough to have the protection of their patron gods are protected from his grasp. His servants wear blackened armor and shroud themselves in black cloaks.


Xaxis teaches that life is fleeting, and that every moment of it should be spent preparing for the afterlife. His clerics are taught that no one escapes Xaxis’s hold and to win his favour before the inevitable. A cleric of Xaxis believes that by taking lives they extend their own.

Xaxis’s Servants

Servants of Xaxis are cruel manipulative people. While they respect the laws of the land they tend to focus on the laws that benefit them the most. A servant of Xaxis is likely to raise the rent on a struggling family to force their earlier demise so a new stronger family can take its place.


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