Ya' tou


Ya’tou (pronounced Ya-tool)

Is the god of magic, the brightest of the three moons he is considered the wisest of the Moon Gods. Ya’tou is the keeper of lost knowledge, and the Artificer of relics. Many artisans pray to him in hopes he will instil his great magic into their crafts.


Ya’tou is worshipped by all who crave a higher learning in magic. His worshippers look to the night sky seeking power from the stars themselves. It is said that each star is one of Ya’tou’s magical tomes filled with unearthly knowledge of magic.


Ya’tou teaches that through patience and knowledge all things are possible. He is the patron god of wizards but is respected highly among sorcerers and more natural arcane magic users. Many magical treasures are crafted in his name, in hopes to appease him.

Ya’tou’s Servants

Ya’tou’s servants are often found in guild halls or great libraries, if a temple to Ya’tou did exist it would be the Great library of Tolbanna. Many of his followers believe Ya’tou has hidden relics and knowledge across the land to share with the most devout of his followers. many of Ya’tou’s servants are collectors of magical artefacts.

Ya' tou

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