Zabiel (pronounced Za-Be-El

Zabiel is the God of Misery, with him comes the weeks of starvation where food reserves for the winter often run low. Murder, torture, theft and rape often follow his wake. He is depicted as a blood thirsty demon covered in barbed talons and hooks used to torture his victims as he continues his rampage through the hells.


Zabiel often comes with the deep winter storms, where the sky threatens to split open with thunder and the wind works at tearing the very roofs off homes. Since the beginning of the records he has been blamed for the hateful thoughts of man and beast. As he relishes not only in the suffering of others but twisting the minds of men to doing his bidding. His followers vary greatly from roaming bandits and thugs to mind manipulators who love to force good men to do horrendous actions to their most beloved. There is no true way of telling a Follower of Zabiel from a normal man. most dress commonly only revealing their nature when they see it convenient.


Zabiel teaches that the only way to truly gain power is to take it from others. That your worth is only measured in the misery in which you inflict on others. His Clerics revel in discovering new ways to torment their victims, but often rely on compulsion magic to force their victims to do vile acts in the name of Zabiel. A Cleric of Zabiel believes that through suffering comes enlightenment, and that he is only helping others ascend to new levels of spiritual bliss.

Zabiel’s Servants

Servants of Zabiel are often seen as madmen, although some manage to keep under check when needed. Most consider his call to be like a never ending craving, a drug to cause harm to others, the longer they wait before unleashing torment the worse the feeling gets. A servant of Zabiel cares little for what laws he is breaking, nor who he is hurting in the process.


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